I Deserve It

Most of us think we deserve something. Children think they deserve more freedom from their parents. Employees think they deserve more money from their employer. Citizens think they deserve more freedom from their governing agencies. Some of us even think we deserve more grace from God. 

But do we really deserve more of anything? Do we really deserve more from people? Do we even deserve more from God? Perhaps God doesn't give us what we deserve, because God gives us what He desires.

Join us in our April sermon series, "I Deserve It", as we study the Bible and learn about what we deserve and what God desires for our lives. 

Game Night

You work hard on your job and students do their very best in school, so we all deserve an evening of fun! Friday, April 20, 2018 at 7pm is our first Arrow Church Family Game Night. It's a night of fun, food, family, and friends..so be sure to join us!


Some people think you are grown when you become old enough to legally vote. Others think you are grown when you become old enough to financially support yourself.

But perhaps being grown has more to do with our stage in life, than our age in life..making us not necessarily grown, but grown-ish!

Join us for our May sermon series "grown-ish" as we study the Bible to mature into emotionally, healthy, spiritual believers.

2018: The Year to Lead

Leadership is influence and impact. We should lead and positively impact anywhere and everywhere God plants us; in school, on our jobs, with our families, and in our communities. 

But our most important responsibility is to lead people to Christ and point people towards Christ. 

Join us as we strive for leadership and thrive in leadership for the cause of Christ!